by Intercision

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Second studio album by Portland political punk quartet Intercision


released June 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Intercision Portland, Oregon

we support the movement for black and brown lives. We believe no person is illegal. We believe in no religion. We believe in women’s right to choose and that access to reproductive healthcare, abortion and contraception is a right and we’ll help fight for it. We will show no tolerance for white supremacy. We will support and fight for lgbtq rights. We oppose the culture of toxic masculinity. ... more

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Track Name: Us Or Them
These gods of the universe
lords of the people
these rulers of lands
these children playing war
their fingers fat on tiny hands
pushing buttons, pulling strings

gassing children
executing civilians
breaking treaties
writing and enforcing laws

Their flesh is just as delicate as ours
Their blood runs just as red though thick with rot
Their flesh is just as delicate as ours
Their blood runs just as red though thick with rot

They are nothing but human men

and it’s going to be Us or Them.
Track Name: Adverse Posession
Trespassing on a foreign land
Occupying property as fast as we can
Total disregard for the native peoples
Slaughtering millions in the name of exile

What was yours
Now is Mine
Put up a fight
And you'll die for trying!

Over 500 years since our forced occupation
We've built our fucking empire on exploited immigration
Even though we know our economy would crumble
We constantly deport hard working people

What was yours
Now is mine
Put up a fight
And you'll die for trying

White Alt Right
Nazis Die!
Track Name: Told You So
Someday the punks and radicals, anarchists and scientists, environmental activists will all get to say “We told you fucking so,” but the sweetness of the moment will ironically be stolen by the fact it means we’ll already all be dead. So before the last glacier is gone, while there’s still a forest producing O2, before the wars over resources have spread to every city left above the surface of the sea… There’s little satisfaction in getting to say these words with your entire species final gasping breath, and I don’t want to get to say “I told you so” if it means watching everyone I’ve ever loved die painful deaths. So we’ll say it now, we tried to warn you, you didn’t listen, look what happened. We told you so. We told you so. We told you so.
Track Name: No More Deaths
Immigrants and refugees are welcome here, I.C.E. Fuck Off!!
Our country has no borders. Our border has no walls. If you fucking build them we’ll make sure they fucking fall. No hate based on fear! No fear based on race! With hate and fear in power we say NO! No more deaths! No more detainments! ¡No mas muertes! No more deportations! No more dreams deferred! No more families torn apart! No more deaths! ¡No Mas Muertes! I.C.E. Fuck Off!!
Track Name: Control Alt Delete
Eyes melt into pixels
tendrils of binary penetrate
rewire synapses
reprogram the brain

Massage the reward center with pulses of light
attention span turns to shrapnel
my self worth for a ‘like’

Need more to get the same effect

Log out
Force quit
Shut down
Hard reset

Track Name: Smoke and Mirrors
Smoke and Mirrors:

The whole worlds attention
Social media's invention
He's a fatal distraction
From the real truth

Smoke and mirrors
We obsess with our devices
We can only survive this

By shutting out
His bullshit lies
And tearing down
His big disguise

It's all smoke and mirrors
A wall of deceit
Ignore the smoke and mirrors
Destroy the facade now!

It's just more smoke and mirrors
To carry out his fascist agenda
Ignore the distraction
His agenda will be shutdown!
Track Name: Conflict of Interest
No racist president. No neo-fascist “alt-right.” Call them what the fuck they are, neo-nazi’s with shiny PR. Nice fucking disguise but we can see right through your shirts and ties. Not one single step backward from how far we’ve come. No racist president. No KKK cabinet. No giving of chances. No waiting to see. I think that we have all the intel we need. Not one single step backward from how far we’ve come.
Track Name: If This Isn't War...
Imagine an organized left not paralyzed and fractured by internal squabbling, as unified in pursuit of our goals as the right. We’re living in precarious times and what’s at stake is the ability of the planet to continue to support human and animal life, what’s at stake is our lives and the lives of communities we’re allied with and we’re busy arguing over methodologies while those in power fucking steamroll their destructive policies through while turning a blind eye to right wing violence on the streets. fucking trump refuses to condemn racist assaults committed in his name but many on the left shed tears for broken bank windows. It’s time we stop policing each others’ dissent and honor each others sorrow and rage.

Look around you these are the sights and sounds of mass extinction event
Look around you this is what life feels like in a neck breaking descent
Into fascism into losing control It’s okay to be scared but it’s time to be bold.

They want to take away our access to medical care and women’s right to choose what happens to their own bodies, they are tearing families apart because of some fabricated threat founded on racist nationalism, they continue killing people of color on the streets and imprisoning them for profit, stealing land from first nations peoples, and ignoring the threat posed by human caused climate change.

We’re dealing with people who feel like they’re winning when people die because they can’t afford treatment, who feel like they’re winning when children in need and the elderly poor have their access to food cut, who win when suicides among trans youth rise.
If this isn’t war…
Track Name: M'aidez
Can anyone hear me? I can’t tell if this thing works, or if anything does anymore. We’ve broken everything and we’re looking for a second chance. It’s not our fault, we tried to save it. Some of us died in the fight, some gave up, but the point is we lost. Those that did this already took off, like they knew all along. So here we are, and morale is running low. So if you can hear me this might be our last chance. Is anyone out there? Is anyone left? M’aidez, M’aidez, M’aidez.